Dear, respected KIEES members,

  The New Year (Ҵ) has begun, and I would like to wish you and your families good health and happiness always.


 Since its inception in 1989, the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science (KIEES) has grown field of electromagnetism . As an inclusive organization, KIEES now comprises nearly 8,000 members, 5 branch offices for the purpose of assisting local members, 17 specialized research groups for technology development, 1 special committee, and 17 standing committees, including a committee on future strategies and serves as an important contributor to policy making and academic and industrial developments in relation to electromagnetism. The current success of KIEES can be attributed to the hard work of our predecessors, who have actively adapted to the changes in industrial, social, and environmental contexts as well as technological advances, with the aim of extending and developing electromagnetic theories. To sustain the mission of KIEES and provide its members with the most effective platform, we have prioritized the following six projects for 2017:


First, We will make every effort to both improve services for members and promote their active participation in support of KIEES. Internally, operations will be improved to boost both efficiency and convenience for members by shortening the review period for manuscripts, refining the overall information system, and increasing external promotion of members academic and technical achievements. In addition, the activities of members grouped in each local area will be actively supported, and their presence in the central committees will increase. Thus, we hope to improve services for members and meet their needs in a friendly manner.


Second, We will enhance the position of KIEES in the international context by listing its English journal in the SCI. We have long aimed to be included in the SCI because we feel it is vital to continued success. After many years of preparation, we applied for the review process required for the SCI listing of JEES in early December 2015 and will work tirelessly to meet the relevant selection criteria. We will also diversify the participating countries at international conferences of KIEES, invite outstanding research articles, and strengthen networks and joint activities with global peers.


Third, The membership base will further grow with the diversification of services. Support for activities of female members will increase, and individuals working in various industries will be encouraged to join us for a variety of activities. To promote the participation of students, we will provide events that help them gain information on careers, industrial players, and projects to be completed in collaboration with the academic and industrial sectors. In addition, we will try to invite soldiers as future members.


Fourth, Both short- and long-term plans will be established for financial improvement. As part of our effort to maintain steady revenues, workshops and short-term lectures will be held in collaboration with industry, academia, and research centers to discuss hot issues, while special member organizations will be actively recruited, and associated businesses will be explored as new sources of income. We will also seek ways to achieve a steady increase in KIEESs funds.


Fifth, Cooperation with industries will increase, and their participation will be encouraged. We will provide employment programs for both the industrial and academic sectors and technical education programs needed for industries in a move to increase exchanges with the industrial sector. KIEES will try to perform a wide range of projects and services with its industrial and academic partners.


Sixth, General cooperation and friendship among the members of KIEES will be improved. We will increase opportunities in which members cooperate with each other and share their friendship by providing various programs, such as high quality academic conferences.


On behalf of the executives of KIEES, I promise to make every effort to fulfill the above six projects successfully, and I humbly request your interest and active participation as the owners of KIEES.


Once again, I wish you all continued success in 2017.


Thank you for your time.


Seo, Chulhun

2017 President of KIEES