└╠┴Ąăě_╗š┴°├Ó╝Ď.jpg     Dear respected senior, junior, and colleague members,



 I wish your homes will be filled with happiness in 2019, the year of the pig (đ¨˙ĄĎ┤)!


 This year marks the 30th anniversary since the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science (KIEES) was founded in 1989. The KIEES has now reached adulthood and will be reborn as an institute that presents the vision for academic research and industrial application as the leader of the electromagnetic society.


 The KIEES has gone through remarkable development, both qualitatively and quantitatively, due to our seniorsí» dedicated efforts over the past 30 years. The KIEES is composed of approximately 9,000 members, five branch offices, 17 specialized research groups, one special committee, and 19 standing committees. The KIEES has greatly contributed to academic and industrial development in the electromagnetic wave-related areas, as well as the relevant policy decisions. To inherit our seniorsí» dedicated spirit for service and to further elevate the status of the KIEES, I have established this yearí»s significant business as follows:


First, we will have our English journal JEES included in the SCI.


 JEES being included in the SCI is all our membersí» long-cherished wish, and our Institute has been dedicated to reaching this goal for the past few years. As a result, JEES was included in the E-SCI, getting us one step closer to SCI. If we continue our hard work, I believe our long-cherished wish will be realized within this year.


Second, we will successfully hold the Winter Conference.


 From February 21 to 23 of this year, the first Winter Conference will be held in High 1 Resort, Gangwondo. The Summer Conference, which is held every August, has positioned itself as one of the most prestigious conferences in Korea. We will lay the foundation for the Winter Conference to reach the same level as the Summer Conference within a few years. We will develop diverse programs to make the Summer and Winter Conferences the ideal arenas for academic and social exchanges. Furthermore, we will lay the cornerstone for our Instituteí»s financial independence.


Third, we will devise measures to activate our branch offices and to improve their organic ties.


 The KIEES has 17 specialized research groups, one special committee, and five branch offices. Most research groups and offices hold at least one annual academic research and policy workshop. This year, I will have the KIEES actively support those research groups and branch offices with low activity levels in academic and social exchanges. I will induce every branch office and research group to actively participate in the Summer and Winter Conferences so that they can improve mutual ties.


Fourth, we will try to provide services of good quality to members.


 We will reinforce the homepage content to provide all necessary information regarding electromagnetic waves and will invite more members so that our homepage becomes the center for communication. I will also make continuous efforts to enhance the environment of our executive office, which is necessary to support membersí» comfortable activities and to further promote our Institute.


Fifth, we will improve our Instituteí»s institutions.


 For the past 30 years, our Instituteí»s institutions have been gradually improved. We will comprehensively review the institutions and improve them to be suitable for the Instituteí»s present conditions and size, ensuring equal benefit for all members.


 I request your active participation and pray for your good health. Thank you.


2019 President of  KIEES

Jeong-Hae Lee