Ground of establishment : Article 32 of the civil law, establishment and permission of non-
                                             profit corporations
  Date of establishment : December 30, 1989
  Major history of the institute :
June 27, 1989 The inaugural assembly of Korea Electromagnetic Technology Society
December 30, 1989 Korea Electromagnetic Technology Society (approved by the Ministry of
Information and Communication)
February 2, 1990 The corporation was established (Korea Electromagnetic Technology Society)
February 19, 1991 The name was changed to Korea Electromagnetic Technology Society
July 6, 1995 The name was changed to Korea Electromagnetic Engineering Society (KEES)
January 01, 2008 The name was changed to the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic
Engineering and Science(KIEES)
  Purpose of the Institute :
The purpose of this institute is to establish theoretical systems of electromagnetic waves using technology, electromagnetic wave environments and associated industries through related research and studies. The institute will also pursue the development and distribution of the studies and the generalization of related theories in order to contribute to the improvement of mankind `s welfare and the development of the country.
  President of the institute (representative) : President, Bomson Lee (Kyunghee Univ.,
                                                                                                                   Professor,  the 20th president)
  Number of members: Around 8,500 (life members 61, regular members around 4,100 plus associate
                                      members, student members, etc.)
  Major business:
  • Holding of academic research presentations, workshops, forums, etc.
  • Publication of papers and other publications
  • Academic and technical exchanges with related scientific organizations in foreign countries
  • Academic and technical research and studies
  • Studies on the establishment of standards and terms
  • Support of electromagnetic wave technology, countermeasures to electromagnetic wave environments and industrial technology
  • Encouragement of research and commendations for excellent contributions
  • Other business necessary to achieve the objectives of this institute.
  Major publications :
  • Institute journal "The Proceedings of Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science"
    (6 issues per year)
  • Journal "The Journal of Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science" (12 issues per year)
  • English journal "JKIEES (Journal of the Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science)"
    (4 issues per year)
  • Data collections from various kinds of seminars, technical & academic workshops (at least 20 per year)
  Specialized research societies under the academic committee
 Electronic Packaging
 Electronic Warfare
 Spectrum Management and Engineering
 Microwaves and Wave Propagation
 EMC Technology
 Future Electromagnetic Technology
 Next Generation Broadcast Technology
 Electromagnetic Measurements Technology
 EMF(Electromagnetic Field) and Biology
 Intelligent IoT Device Technology Technical Group
 Education Research for RF Wave Engineering
 THz & Optical Wave Technology
 Electromagnetic Security
 Space Environment and Radio Applications
 Antennas and Propagation
 Spectrum Policy Committee
  Present state of branches
 Yeongnam branch : Prof. Jung-Han Yoon, branch chief (051-999-5875)
 Honam branch : Prof. Byung-Rok Cho, branch chief (061-750-3573)
 Chungcheong branch: Prof. Keun Kwan Ryu, branch chief (042-821-1139)
 Gangwon branch: Prof. HeeYong Hwang, branch chief (033-250-6297)
 Jeju branch: Prof. Heung-Soo Kim, branch chief (064-754-3634)