Electronic Warfare
1. Introduction
Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Research Institute performs R&D on military & civilian intelligence, electronic warfare(EW) equipment and technologies on a short-term basis and focuses on intelligence warfare (IW) technologies on a long-term basis. Technologies developed by our institute are much utilized by the military, and for such reason our institute consists of experts from universities, related research centers, industry, and the military. Our institute, a unity of research by laboratories, development by industrial entities, and applied technology by the military, search for new technologies that can contribute to national development and peace of mankind. Detailed researches performed by our institute are as listed below.

Major Research Areas
  - Analysis and research on development trend of EW
  - R&D on equipment, modules, and parts in the areas of electronic intelligence (ELINT), communication intelligence
    (COMINT), and electronic support measures (ESM, electronic warfare support (ES))
  - R&D on equipment, modules, and parts in the area of electronic counter measures (ECM, electronic attack (EA))
  - Research on intelligence (signals intelligence (SIGINT), human intelligence (HUMINT), and measurement and
    signature intelligence (MASINT)).
2. Greetings
Our institute will make best efforts to contribute to the development of our members, our institute, and our nation by researching intelligence and electronic warfare technologies. We endeavor to provide a venue for university, research, industrial, and military experts to gather and actively make discussions.

Chairman: Lim, Joong Soo
3. History
2000.1.21 The Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Research Institute was established
2000~ Hosted EW Workshop during September every year
2006.8 Published Radar Engineering and Application to Electronic Warfare (Park Dong-chul and five others)
2007~2009 Gave Short-term lectures on electronic warfare
2010 Hosted International EW workshop with ADD
4. Organizational Structure
Title Name Institutional Affiliation
Chairman Lim, Joong Soo Baekseok Univ.
Manager Kim, Dong-Wook Chungnam Nat'l Univ.
Member Park, Dong Chul Chungnam Nat'l Univ.
  Myung, Noh Hoon KAIST
  Cho, Yong Heui Mokwon Univ.
  Lee, Hongkyu Korea University of Technology and Education
  Rhee, Ill Keun Hannam Univ.
  Choi, Chang Min MRS
  Lee, Kwang-Il ADD
  Kang, Hee Chang STC
  Yoon, Kicheon STC
  Jang, Kwanghee LIG Nex1
  Kim, Ho Dong U-TEL