■ Guide to member registration

Those interested in participating in the activities of the Institute can submit an application form and pay the admission fee and annual membership fee according to the requirements described below.
The organization members who are interested in subscriptions to academic journal and papers can also submit an application form and pay the membership fee. After qualification review, final member admission will be given.

■ Full member

Those recommended by the institutes or the Institute's head of corporation can be considered for full membership.

  • • Those who have a university degree(4 years) or equivalent education level and more than 3 years of work experience in a relevant field
  • • Those who have a college degree(2 years) or equivalent education level and more than 6 years of work experience in a relevant field

■ Associate member

Those who do not satisfy the requirements for full membership but work in a field related to the Institute can be considered for associate membership.

■ Student member

Undergraduate students who are majoring in a related field can be considered for student membership.

■ Special member

Individuals, groups, or corporations that provide substantial financial support, giving approval to the aim of the Institute

■ Organization member

Organizations, corporations, and libraries that subscribe to the periodicals published by the Institute

■ Fee descriptions

Annual fee Full member KRW 60,000
Associate member
(graduate student)
KRW 40,000
Student member
(undergraduate student)
KRW 30,000
Organization member KRW 250,000
(libraries, schools, and other organizations)
Special member KRW 2,000,000 or more
Lifetime membership fee   KRW 600,000

※ Fee payment can be made through an electronic billing system or transferred to the account below. You can also pay by credit card on the Institute’s homepage.

  • • Electronic billing number : 7638132
  • • IBK : 208-017491-04-010/Hongdae Station branch
  • • Post office : 012419-01-000095/Guro-dong branch
  • • Account holder : Korean Institute of Electromagnetic Engineering and Science

※ Please write the name of payer when you make payment. Otherwise, please contact the Institute’s office after paying.

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